Our Services

Innotrel is a leading provider of affiliate and direct sales for products for seniors. We specialize in products that help seniors be independent, safe, and healthy.

Affiliate Sales

We are a network of products for seniors, specifically designed and developed with their needs in mind. Innotrel is committed to providing seniors with the opportunity to continue living independently and with dignity in a comfortable and safe environment.

Direct Sales

Innotrel is the first direct selling company for seniors. Our products are all made for this audience, in order to improve their daily lives. We also offer services that help our customers to use our products as easily as possible.

Product Reviews

Innotrel helps seniors stay on top of today's rapidly changing technology. We help seniors find the best products to suit their needs, evaluate them and provide honest reviews that highlight both the positives and negatives of every product.

Digital Marketing

We focus on today's most relevant challenges and trends in the digital marketing world. Our goal is to provide seniors with digital marketing content that is tailored to their needs.